The enchanting cities of Bangalore, Mysore, Ooty, and Coorg in South India stand as prominent gems on every tourist’s map. Renowned for their unique fusion of cultural richness, natural splendor, and modern conveniences, these destinations beckon travelers seeking a diverse and memorable experience. Our Bangalore Mysore Ooty Coorg Packages offer the perfect itinerary to explore these beautiful cities.

We at offer Bangalore Mysore Ooty Coorg Packages that provide a seamless and delightful exploration of all four cities. You can enjoy the lively lifestyle of Bangalore, marvel at the historical treasures of Mysore, witness the picturesque landscapes of Ooty, and bask in the tranquil beauty of Coorg.

Our "Bangalore Mysore Ooty Coorg Packages" are customized to align with your travel preferences and budget. From accommodations to sightseeing, transportation, and essential amenities, we take care of every detail to ensure your trip is both comfortable and enjoyable. A well-planned itinerary comprising a blend of historical marvels, cultural gems, and natural wonders is shared with you beforehand.

Our packages also offer an array of exciting activities, ranging from adventurous treks to serene boat rides and club hopping. The diversity ensures you can explore the four cities in myriad ways and create unforgettable memories. Additionally, we provide our Bangalore Mysore Ooty Coorg Packages from major cities across the country, including Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad etc.

Popular Sightseeing Places in Coorg that can be visited with this package

1. Abbey Falls

Abbey Falls, Coorg

One of the most sought-after places for couples, Abbey Falls is a scenic multi-level waterfall. Tucked away amidst the aromatic coffee and spice plantations of Coorg, it exudes unparalleled charm and tranquillity. The sparkling stream of white pearls falling from a height amidst lush surroundings is a delight.

2. Raja’s Seat

Raja’s Seat, Coorg

Located in the middle of the Gandhi Mantap Garden, Raja’s Seat has a picture-perfect setting. Admire the breathtaking views of the lush surroundings as you watch the fiery sunset and the glorious sunrise. You can also witness flower beds with seasonal colorful flowers and enjoy musical fountain shows. Indulge in a playful toy train ride that runs through the garden.

3. Namdroling Monastery

Namdroling Monastery, Coorg

Popularly called the Golden Temple, Namdroling Monastery is among the largest Tibetan settlements in India. Around 5000 nuns and monks reside here. It also houses educational institutions and a hospital. Offer prayers to the colossal golden Buddha statues in the prayer hall. You can witness the unique Tibetan Thangka paintings across the walls of the temple tower and spend time in the beautiful garden.

4. Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

Surrounded by coffee and cardamom plantations, Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary houses evergreen and semi-evergreen forests. You will be mesmerized by the mist-laden mountains, dense forests, and cascading waterfalls. Spot a wide variety of wildlife, including Nilgiri Marten, Python, Black Bulbul, King Cobra, Barking Deer, Bonnet Macaque, and Emerald Dove. Trek to the Brahmagiri Peak from Iruppu Falls and enjoy the scenic beauty along the trail. Take a wildlife safari and click some wonderful nature photos.

5. Talakaveri

Talakaveri, Coorg

Talakaveri is the source of River Kaveri, located at a height of 1276 meters on the Brahmagiri Hills. There is a small temple with a silver Shiva Linga. Witness the spring’s fountainhead when the river water gushes up. Climb 407 steps to reach the summit and enjoy a panoramic view of the surroundings.

Popular Sightseeing Places in Ooty that can be visited with this package

1. Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake, Ooty

A part of the Silent Valley National Park and situated amidst thick woods, Emerald Lake is the perfect sojourn. It is a haven for nature lovers, bird watchers, trekkers, and shutterbugs. Soak in the impressive views of the lush surroundings, witness the Nilgiri slopes, and walk through the verdant tea estates. You can enjoy a fun picnic by the lakeside.

2. Nilgiri Mountain Railway

Nilgiri Mountain Railway, Ooty

Operated by the Southern Railway, Nilgiri Mountain Railway is a 1000-mm meter-gauge railway. It is India’s only rack railway. Another fascinating feature is that it is the steepest railway system in Asia. The toy train covers 46 km in around 5 hours. You can enjoy picturesque views of the hill station as the train passes through the dark snaking tunnels, dense forests, and the misty green slopes.

3. Ooty Lake

Ooty Lake, Ooty

Ooty Lake is also called Ooty Boathouse. Although an artificial lake, it presents a reposeful landscape to unwind. There is an amusement park and an opportunity for fishing. Enjoy a trip across the lake on paddle boats, motor boats, and row boats. Take a fun pony ride or a slow cycle tour. Capture beautiful photographs of birds and the pristine natural setting.

4. Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens, Ooty

Lying on the lower slopes of the Doddabetta Peak, Botanical Gardens is a sprawling garden. The terraced layout houses shrubs, herbs, ferns, bonsai, plants, and trees. You can spot rare species like the Monkey Puzzle Tree, the Cork Tree, and the Paperbark Tree. The main attraction is a Fossil tree that is believed to be over 20 million years old. Other major attractions include Indian and Japanese flower arrangements, vegetable carvings, flower rangoli, and floral decorations.

5. Dolphin’s Nose

Dolphin’s Nose, Ooty

Dolphin’s Nose is located at a height of 1550 m and is set amidst the rolling Nilgiri Hills. Drive through the meandering narrow roads or trek to reach the stunning viewpoint. The gushing Catherine Falls adds to its scenic charm. You can enjoy a fun-filled picnic, try horse riding, or go boating. The lush background and authentic Coonoor Tea offer the calmness needed to soothe your senses.

Popular Sightseeing Places in Mysore that can be visited with this package

1. Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace, Mysore

Mysore Palace is also called the Amba Vilas Palace. It is a historic royal palace ranked among the most visited monuments in the country. It is an architectural masterpiece blending Hindu, Muslim, Rajput, and Gothic styles. Flanked by a huge garden, the 3-storied grey granite building has a 145-foot-high 5-storied tower and deep pink marble domes on its top. During the Dussehra festival, the illuminated exterior looks stunning. You can also see the royal antiques and artifacts within the palace.

2. Brindavan Gardens

Brindavan Gardens, Mysore

Brindavan Gardens is a botanical garden that shelters extensive varieties of plants and flowers. It is symmetrically designed as a terraced garden and decorated with illuminated fountains. Visit the park during sunset to enjoy the sight of fountains dancing to the tunes of pleasant music. There is an attractive sculpture of Goddess Cauvery at the foot of the dam.

3. Somnathapura Temple

Somnathapura Temple, Mysore

A Lord Krishna shrine, Somnathapura Temple is the finest specimen of Hoysala architecture. The 16-point star-shaped building has three shrines in perfect symmetry. There are 16 kinds of ceilings, three beautifully carved peaks of the common Mandapa, and two attics with sculpted towers between them. Observe the miniature and elaborate carvings and sculptures of the temple.

4. Chamundeshwari Temple

Chamundeshwari Temple, Mysore

The Chamundeshwari Temple is a Shakti Peetha set atop a hill at 1074 meters. It is a traditional Hindu temple with statues of Goddess Durga, Nandi, and Mahishasura. There is also a 6-foot statue of Maharaja Krishnaraja Wodeyar III with his three queens. The temple comprises a 7-tiered Gopura, a small Vimana on the inner sanctum, and the seven golden Kalashas on the Shikhara.

5. Jaganmohan Palace

Jaganmohan Palace, Mysore

Jaganmohan Palace is a royal mansion turned into an art gallery and museum. Its spectacular edifice and illustrious history attract many visitors. It displays 2000 paintings from various art forms. You can witness the various antique pieces, including a French musical clock, coins, weapons, and ceramics. The main door has Hindu architecture with two wooden displays illustrating Lord Vishnu’s ten incarnations. Intricate carvings embellish the entire structure.

Popular Sightseeing Places in Bangalore that can be visited with this package

1. Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace, Bangalore

Mirroring England’s Windsor Castle, Bangalore Palace is an opulent palace with charming Tudor architecture. The 2-tiered building comprises turrets, fortified towers, ballrooms, and battlements. Furniture featuring Neo-classical, Victorian, and Edwardian elements adorn the interiors. There are elegant wood carvings, relief paintings, cornices, floral motifs, stained glass and mirrors, and wooden fans. Admire the wonderful 19th and 20th-century paintings. The Palace Grounds hosts several musical and cultural events.

2. Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park, Bangalore

The colossal green space called Cubbon Park houses statues of famous personalities, ornamental and flowering trees, colorful flower beds, and diverse plant species. It has few motorable roads and well-laid paths for walking. The Bangalore Aquarium, housed within, is India’s 2nd largest aquarium. Other attractions include the Lotus Pond, Jawaharlal Bal Bhawan, the Bamboo Groove Nook, the Ringwood Circle, and the Dancing Fountain. Enjoy cultural shows at The Band Stand.

3. Lal Bagh

Lal Bagh, Bangalore

The sprawling Lal Bagh botanical garden features rare plants of Persian, French, and Afghani origins. You can explore India’s largest collection of tropical and subtropical plants. It also houses a lake and an aquarium, making it a perfect spot for some fun time with your loved ones. An annual flower show takes place in the glass house, modeled like the Crystal Palace in London.

4. Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills is an ancient hill station perched at a height of 4,851 feet. Once Tipu Sultan’s summer retreat, its major attraction is the Tipu Sultan Fort. The numerous shrines and monuments display carved arches and majestic pillars with intricately painted walls and ceilings. From Tipu’s Drop, you can watch the splendid sunrise with your loved ones. There are several trekking routes through the Nandi Hills.

5. Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium

Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, Bangalore

Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium is a fun place for both kids and adults. It has a Science Center with an extensive collection of scientific gadgets. The building comprises a dome-shaped sky theatre and provides exciting information through video shows covering topics from celestial bodies to extraterrestrial life. Watch the solar system at night in the 360-degree star field projection room.

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