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Shivanasamudra Falls, Bangalore Tourist Attraction
Shivanasamudra Falls Bangalore (courtesy: lensnmatter)
  • State: Karnataka
  • Location: Shivanasamudra, in eastern Mandya, skirts the Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Distance: 130 km from Bangalore
  • Journey time: 2 hrs 13 min by road
  • Route: NH209 to Shivanasamudra via Kanakapura, Malavalli and Panditahalli

Rating: | 4/5 stars
Based on total 75 reviews

Shivasamudram Falls near Bangalore Address: Shivanasamudra, Mandya, Karnataka, 571401, India

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There are many amazing weekend getaways to visit near the city of Bangalore; one of such is Shivasamudra Falls. Located 120 km away from Bangalore city and about 80 kms from Mysore, it is situated in the Mandya District. Shivanasamudra is one of the best places to spend your weekend, being the second largest waterfall in India and the sixteen largest in the world.

Shivasamundram Falls are worth visiting for their sheer beauty and refreshing environment that they offer. This fall is almost 893 meters wide and falls from a height of 320 feet. Its captivating beauty and sheer vastness creates a view which is worth remembering.

At Shivanasamudra / Shivasamudra, the river Kaveri splits into two, falls into a valley in two separate places namely Gaganachukki and Bharachukki. It re-unites at the downstream while falling down with great velocity and is of an average width of 849 meters along with 90 meters of height.

Easy to reach, the place offers tourists with a perfect short break from the concrete jungles we have been used to live in. Even the sight of lush greenery of the place and snowy white streams of the water refreshes one.

Often referred as Shimsa and Bluff, Shivanasamudra waterfalls are the second largest waterfalls of the country and is from the river Kaveri. Shivasamudra is also known for hosting India’s first hydroelectric project and Asia’s second Hydroelectric power station in India.

Previously known as the Kaveri Falls, these falls present captivating view, making itself a popular choice amongst nature lovers. River Kaveri splits into two branches, namely Gaganachukki and the Bharachukki, separated by only one km.

Both these streams of water fall down from rocky cliff creating a breathtaking view. What adds on to this beautiful sight is the lush greenery and richness of Kaveri Wildlife Sanctuary which surround these two falls.

Image Gallery of Shivanasamudra Falls Bangalore

Gaganachukki Fall at Shivanasamudra

Although both the falls are quite captivating, Gaganachukki fall is maintained and more feasible with better tourists facilities. For accommodations, tourists will find a resort and also a restaurant adjacent to it. The sight of the fall is exceptional especially during early hours of the day.

You can watch the fall only from the watch tower as going to the bottom of the fall is not allowed. The fence at the fall doesn’t allow one to go closer to the fall. Darga is another view point to Gaganachukki falls situated on the other side of the river and closer to Barachukki Falls.

Bharachukki Fall at Shivanasamudra

This fall is more popular amongst tourists out of the two fall and it is easily accessible and slightly wider than the Gaganachukki fall. Here, tourists can go till the bottom of the fall through a trail of stairs carved out though the rocks. At Bharachukki fall, you will have some area with shallow level of water which is perfect for bathing or playing in the water.

Along with this, there are many small islands under the fall across small streams. Adding more excitement to your overall experience is the coracle ride that takes tourists till the mouth of the massive waterfall.

This place is also known for trekking. In order to reach the falls, tourists are required to walk for a minimum of 2 km, passing through refreshing greenery of forest by the banks of River Cauvery. There are benches available at the fall where you can sit and enjoy the serene view. If you are planning a visit to Shivasamudram falls then it is best to plan your trip between the months of July and November.

Although the water mat seems very alluring, do avoid swimming at the fall. It is always better to reach the falls before 12.00 noon as the direction of flow of the river is towards East and the view is mesmerising during early in morning. Tourists are offered with various kinds of activities as well.

Places to visit nearby Shivanasamudra Waterfalls

As Shivanasamudra waterfalls and surrounding hills fall into Cauvery Wildlife sanctuary, you can go for activities such as excursion, trekking in the forest, rock climbing, bird watching, fishing, etc. If you have some time at hand, visiting nearby places can be a good idea. In fact, tourists can plan a trip to Somnathpur, Talakad, Mudukuthore along with Shivasamudram waterfalls.

After enjoying your time at the waterfalls, one can go visiting Talaka, famous for temples submerged in sand and the main temple Vaidyanatheshwara, at the banks of river Kaveri and Mudukuthore that is popular for Mallikarjuna temple.

Best time to visit Shivanasamudra Waterfalls

The best time to visit Shivanasamudra waterfalls is during the monsoon season that is from June to September as there will be more water in the river Kaveri during this period. If you like to go till the bottom and enjoy the scenic beauty there, it is better to visit during the Winter and Summer season.

Reaching Shivanasamudra by Road

It is recommended to have your private vehicle for travelling till Shivanasamudra. Travelling by public transport such as bus can be slightly troublesome as the place is not directly connected to Mysore or Bangalore. If travelling by bus, you will be dropped at Kollegal. From Kollegal, you can are required to find your own transportation too the destination. Common routes from Bangalore to Shivanasamudra is Bangalore-Maddur-Malavalli-Shivanasamudra (135 Km) and Bangalore-Kanakapura-Malavalli-Shivasamudra.

Reaching Shivanasamudra by Rail

The nearest railway station is Maddur. However, the preferred one is Mysore railway station which is 60 kms away.

Location Map for Shivasamudram Falls near Bangalore

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